CPS Test: How Does It Work, Benefits, Tips For Fast Speed

You can measure the clicks per second through the free online game known as the CPS Test. The primary moto of this click per second test is to find out the click speed with mouse in a specific time period. This article is for those who want to know all about the CPS Test. What does it mean? How it works? How can you choose the time interval and many more! After reading this article, your mind is clear about all the above questions.

Brief Review of CPS Test

CPS Test

Here we discuss the brief review of CPS that can assist you do it in a practical manner.

  • To begin with click on start button in the clicker area of click speed test
  • Furthermore, the timer will start
  • In the next step, you need to locate the mouse cursor in an available area
  • Moreover, with your hand, click as early as you can on the same area

In this way, the timer will count down the clicks. 5 seconds will be given to you for practice. It’s all up to you to change the time from the menu. So, try to make more clicks before times up. It is one of the best time pass games, so try it and break the scores of others by testing your finger speed.

Your Score In The CPS Test

Many of you are confused about how the score is calculated in the CPS? Here we give the answer to this question. You will get your final score after the completion of the set time. The simple formula involves in the calculations is:

CPS=Number of clicks/Number of seconds

The counter will measure the highest score if you click fastest on your mouse. In other words, we say that it is the frequency of your clicks.

The Number of Fastest Clicks Per Seconds in CPS Test

Now the question is, how many clicks per second is fast? The answer is simple. You need to do 5 to 10 clicks for a single second for faster clicks. This test defined some ranks that depend upon your clicking speed.

Choosing The Length of Time For The Click Test

Time interval matters a lot for obtaining the highest score. Choose a time duration of about 5 seconds to make more clicks. This 5 second time is the default time that can clearly define your capabilities. Choosing any other time in the CPS test may not be displayed accurate scores. So, less time always provides the best results.

How to Increase Clicking Speed with CPS Test?

CPS is the basic thing for gamers who always want to become successful and pro in their profession. So, if you want to enhance clicks and go high, then do regular practice. Take it a serious challenge and give your best. Many websites offer CPS Test to improve clicks per second for free on which you can do online practice and train yourself. 10 minutes from your busy schedule is enough to become a pro in the CPS test.

So, playing this game is relatively easy and Interesting. You need the right direction and proper knowledge to become an expert.

How Can You Find The Ranking of Players?

At the initial stage, when there was no standard CPS test, many websites determined the performance of players through various levels. In short, there are different categorized designs such as turtle, cheetah, etc. There are basically 4 levels.

  • Turtle(Extremely slow clicking)
  • Octopus(Moderately slow clicking)
  • Cheetah(Moderately high clicking)
  • Extremely high clicking


turtle speed

It is clear from the name that it is one of the slowest categories. Those players who play this game for the first time or are not experts find themselves in this category. They produce fewer clicks per second.


Players who are experts in obtaining the highest score find themselves in this category. They produce 5 to 10 clicks per second easily.


This category is for those who are very good at this game. Those players whose speed is the fastest find themselves in this category. They produce more than 10 clicks per second easily. So, players in the cheetah category are the fastest clickers.

Extremely Fast Clicking

This is the last category that is designed for ideal or pro gamers. Players for this category produce 14+ clicks per second.

Here are the different Tips For Clicking Faster And Producing More Scores

Improvement of Clicking Speed Require Practice

However, there are numerous ways that can assist you to improve clicking speed and the guaranteed one is to practice on daily basis. As practice makes a man perfect. There are many websites available that offer free chances to practice. Consistency makes you ideal in a very short time. There are many CPS tests available for practice, such as:

  • Jitter tests
  • Kohi texts
  • Roller tests

Always take a start from the basics and increase your speed slowly. Many techniques require strong fingers, so be patient and never quit. One day you will become perfect in this game. So, you can beat your opponent’s well.

The Count Per Second Counter

There is no doubt that CPS is an addicting game, but it also enhances your skills. It makes you perfect to win your favorite games. Especially in a Minecraft game, the click speed matters a lot. You can defeat your opponents in-game through your various skills. If your clicking speed is higher, you can win various games such as fighting or shooting.

CPS Test App

There is also an available CPS test app at the play store that is easy to use and handle. You will find many features in this app. One of the good news is that this app is free to use. It is also 100% safe from any scam and gives you very accurate results. So, without wasting time, download the app now and challenge yourself to make the highest record.

Auto Clicker Count Per Second Test Score

There are many online gamers that use auto clicker software to generate high CPS scores that are impossible for human beings to achieve. They download the auto-clicking apps that help them to increase their score. So, don’t be worried about this type of score news. Practicing every day helps you a lot in the journey to success.

Various Techniques To Improve CPS Test Score

You have to make more clicks in the CPS test to attain the highest score. So, you must know some techniques that will make you a perfect or fast clicker in a very short time. It is essential that your speed will be better whenever you play the game. So, here have mentioned some improving techniques that help you a lot to obtain the highest score on the CPS test.

Butterfly Click Technique

The butterfly practice method is the unique method used to improve the clicking speed. You can produce 15 to 25 clicks in a second by practicing continuously. So, the butterfly click technique is the fastest method. You will achieve maximum speed by using two fingers on the left click.

Regular Practice

Regular practice is always a compulsory requirement to win any game. With this method, you have to train your hands well. Your hands will know the direction automatically through regular practice. In this way, your mind is alert all the time. After practicing regularly, you will see a clear difference in your clicking speed.

You will produce fewer clicks on starting days, but the number of clicks increases over time. So, if you are serious about your CPS test, you have to make a routine. Using a laptop regularly requires a good mouse that helps you in your practice journey. No matter what you are doing, like editing documents or browsing the Internet, you aim to improve the clicking speed. You can produce 3 to 6 clicks in a second with regular practice. This speed is very good.

Drag Method

This method is completely different from the above two methods. All of the professional players used this method. If you are a beginner, then it is not suitable for you. Start from easy methods, then reach here slowly. This method involves the following steps:

  • Firstly, from the top of the click button, you will move your finger
  • With this movement coming down to the end of it
  • With this downward movement, many clicks occur continuously
  • In this way, you will produce 100 clicks per second

So the drag method is one of the ideal and fastest practicing methods.

Jitter Clicking

Jitter clicking is also an effective technique to improve clicking speed. It is a little bit difficult but makes you ideal. You should try it for better results. This technique involves the following steps:

  • Control mouse by shaking muscle and wrist area
  • In this way, you click faster

Actually, jitter is the name of this shaking muscle that produces vibration. You can achieve 10 to 14 clicks in a second.

Wait a Moment

Same as practice and a variety of techniques, tools are also important to produce more clicks. You can understand it better with the following example.

“A professional car race can not be won through a regular car. To win, you need a racing car. The same rule is true for clicking. To win the game, you don’t just need practice but also the right tools”

Some Other Parameters Needed to Improve The CPS Test Speed

Position of Your Hands

In order to make yourself perfect in CPS, the position of your hands matters a lot. Definitely, you will perform better if you hold the mouse in the right direction.

Here we give some guidelines:

  • First of all, relax your muscle
  • Now hold the mouse with fingers in the proper direction
  • Keep the gentle hand on the mouse; never apply too much force
  • Now with a relaxed mind, click continuously
  • Once you start, the rhythm is formed that encourages you to produce more and more clicks

You can also use auto clickers only with friends. It is not recommended for legal competition. You must follow instructions to give your best. You will play better and obtain the highest score with an attentive mind.

Gaming Mouse

Playing games requires a special type of mouse called a gaming mouse. It has many features and is specifically designed for gamers. You will also notice a clear difference in your clicking speed with a gaming mouse. Rather than a regular mouse, we recommend you to use it. This mouse allows you to achieve more clicking rate.

Use Different Types of Software

There is a lot of softwares available that helps you in your practice journey. Consistency matters a lot. Always be consistent and never quit. Use a variety of software to polish your skills. So, without wasting time, search for it and start practicing.

You can break the old records and make new ones with all of these tips and suggestions.

Benefits of CPS Test 1 Second

It is not just a game; this test has many benefits. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. It is The Best Way to Release Stress

You can easily release your stress with the CPS test as your all attention is on obtaining a high score, so you forget about all other tensions.

2. CPS Assist in Increasing Focus

In this test, you are exercising your brain to maintain your focus.

3. It Improves Your Consistency

It makes you more professional and consistent. So that with consistency, the chances of winning increases.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, this test is important for those who use a mouse on a daily basis. There is always the great benefit of improving clicking speed for gamers as well as workers.